A children's book for grown-ups by Jon Evans

Welcome! Beasts of New York is an award-winning novel by author Jon Evans: a violent, epic, action-packed urban quest full of very eccentric, often hilarious, extremely dangerous characters who also happen to be animals � the wildlife of New York City, to be exact.

Beasts of New York is freely available online under a Creative Commons license, and has also been published in a gorgeous print edition—which won a 2011 ForeWord Book Of The Year Award—by the prestigious literary press The Porcupine's Quill.

Beasts of New York version 2.0 (the award-winning version, professionally edited and copyedited) is available:

Beasts of New York version 1.0 (some 10,000 words longer than version 2.0) is available:

You can find out more - and see how others have enjoyed it - at Goodreads.

Sprechen sie Deutsch? There's a German version of the first half of the book, translated by fan Sven R�biger.

You can also play with these interactive maps of the book: version 1.0, version 2.0. (currently suffering from bit rot; repair is planned)

To learn more, consult the Frequently Asked Questions, see the Table of Contents, check out my web site, or email me at jon@rezendi.com - I'm always happy to hear from readers.

Jon Evans is the award-winning author of the thrillers Dark Places, Blood Price, Invisible Armies, and Night of Knives, as well as the Vertigo graphic novel The Executor.

Praise for my previous work:

"Evans can write." - The Washington Post

"Thought-provoking ... Invisible Armies is an intriguing, pacy read, and Mr Evans shows great potential." - The Economist

"A fantastic read." - Booklist on The Blood Price

"You're hooked ... the characters are delightfully delineated ... beautifully controlled ... (a) pacy thriller for the 21st century." - The Times on Dark Places / Trail of the Dead

Creative Commons License

Legal stuff: I'm releasing Beasts of New York online under this Creative Commons license.